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Siew Weng Hong

Siew Weng Hong, Director, Henry Butcher Malaysia Group - Image (v3)

Mr. Siew Weng Hong is a registered valuer (V-505), an auctioneer and a licensed estate agent (E-1495). Currently a Director of Henry Butcher Malaysia Group, he holds a Bachelor Degree in Valuation & Property Management.  He is a member of the Institution of Surveyors Malaysia, Association of Valuers and Property Consultants in Private Practice Malaysia, Malaysia Institute of Estate Agents and Business Valuers Association Malaysia.  Mr Siew has over twenty years of professional experience in matters relating to the real estate industry.  He has exposure in the valuation of oil palm estates, golf courses, poultry farms, quarries, hotels, development lands as well as plant and machinery. His work has brought him to countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

He has conducted valuations for taxation, balance sheet, mergers and takeovers, insurance, private acquisition and disposal purposes. He has also been appointed on many occasions to act as Court Assessor in the High Court of Malaya where he has advised in land acquisition cases for compensation payable.